Sunday, August 2, 2015

The concept

I've had an idea for a blog for a while. To talk about the Pacific Northwest as a whole instead of just making a Portland or Seattle blog. I feel like the Pacific Northwest is not just a great place to live, it's an incubator for great things, progressive thought, and inventive ideas. I would include Northern Cali, British Columbia Canada, and Alaska as part of my Pac NW.

Some of the great things about the Pac NW: We seem to be figuring out health care better than the rest of you. Oregon and California are known to have good Health Plans (I"m talking pre obamacare, which I'm not sure has helped.)

We seem to be figuring out the marijuana thing faster than some other states.

We seem to be ahead of the curve on same sex marriage and tolerance in general.

I'm not saying the Pacific Northwest is perfect, far from it, but it's a pretty great part of the country that needs to have a voice equal to that of the East coast cities and / or Southern California. Maybe this blog/website can be part of that voice.

We need to make sure the NW stays a great place and keeps getting better. There are a lot of people moving here, we need to teach them to drive a little slower and road rage a bit less and relax! You are not in Baltimore or LA anymore, chill! Our speed limit in Oregon is 10 mph as a rule lower than elsewhere.

I'm personally from Texas but raised in Portland Oregon. I am not a transplant, climate refugee or a victim of human sex trafficking. My name is R.J. Weller and I'm a blogaholic. CATEGORY/TAGS blogging 99823

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