Tuesday, December 22, 2015

DIY bike rack look ma no straps!

Problem: Bike racks suck. They are big and ugly and hard to strap to your car and there is usually a lot of strap left flapping around. They could come loose and your bike could go bye bye. You could get a nice bike rack but that is expensive.

Solution: Drill two holes in your trunk and mount bars on your car.

This may not work for everyone but it's one of my favorite hacks. I used an 'iron gym' such that you see on TV sometimes they have them at box stores by the checkout like at Best Buy. This one you can order online from Ontel it's about 30 bucks.

This will probably only work if you have a sedan and you are willing to drill two holes in your car. Still I think it's worth posting. If you try it or improve on it please let me know.

Be careful drilling holes in your car! Measure twice drill once. I drilled through in places where metal framing/support was and sometimes there is wiring that runs through there. I was very lucky I didn't mangle the wires! I used wingnuts so I could take the rack on and off easily without tools. When the rack is off I tape over the holes to prevent water leaking into my trunk. The crossbar from the 'Iron Gym' I didn't use. I have only tried one regular sized bike on it so far it works great. I think I could fit two bikes on it or a tandem in a pinch. If I did I would probably remove the wheels to decrease weight and maybe add extra hooks for the second bike.

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