Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Free Geek Portland

Free Geek (try saying that real fast 10 times) is a community center that recycles old computers and offers a variety of free classes, among other things. They have a store where you can get great deals on used computers. They have Mac and Linux, I don't think you can buy a windows computer there, although you could put windows on one if you really wanted.

I purchased a toshiba laptop for 150 and so far have been very pleased with it. I've taken two classes there so far (getting started with your linux computer and command line 1) I plan to take DIY CNC mill on the 19th next, and hope to take some other classes like 3d printing and command line 2. The classes I've taken so far have been great. There is no need to bring your computer they have plenty there you can use.

They also have a build program where you volunteer to build/refurbish old computers that I am hoping to start soon. My daughter wants to do it too so I'm hoping there's a way to volunteer together. After you build 5 computers, you get to take the 6th one home and keep it. This sounds really cool I'll probably use it for a server.

They also offer internships I am going to look into that too. Highly recommend checking out free geek if you haven't already. They offer free tours tuesday thru saturday at 11am and 4pm. Freegeek.org or call them at 503-232-9350

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