Sunday, January 17, 2016

I'm a genius

i wanted to have my iPhone 4s battery replaced so I went to the Apple Store. They told me one of their geniuses could fix it for around 75 dollars. I remember when batteries were replaceable and felt like Apple was insulting my intelligence. I thought maybe if I could turn a screwdriver then I could be a genius too. Turns out I was right! I spent 20 bucks on a screwdriver kit from radio shack and got a little help from .. I didn't replace the battery I just removed it and put it back to see if I could do it. It's pretty easy.. Careful a grounding piece comes out when you remove the top, smaller screw from the battery.. Make sure you put it back on reassembly.

I had other problems with my phone. the wifi grayed out a long time ago, then I dropped it and got this screen of death. I thought maybe if I checked all the connections I could fix it but I think I would have to start replacing parts.. didn't see any connections I could fiddle with. It's really old so it looks like this one is spare parts.. maybe I will see if I can put linux on it though. I hate the idea of just junking it. 

middle of this photo you can see the little piece that comes out when you take out the battery. it has a gold colored thingy that sticks out and contacts the outer case to ground it. i think. 

Though I couldn't fix the phone, I had fun and learned a bit taking it apart and it works at least as well  as it did before I disassembled. I'm a genius! 

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