Tuesday, May 3, 2016

DiY command center / work station

 So I found an old shelf by my dumpster and it looked like it would fit my desk so I could stack my printers. I took out the middle shelf to accommodate the tower and the scanner/color printer. The lower printer is my laser black and white. Everything fit great! I took the 'extra' shelf and put it up top to reflect the wi-fi signal. I heard that wi-fi signals can escape out the window, but reflect off of wood, so I was hoping this would improve my signal in-house. It was good before so I'm not sure if it's any better but I figured it couldn't hurt. Please note the awesome panasonic am/fm radio with cassette and the wood blocks I used instead of brackets to secure the top shelf as a wi-fi reflector (i used 4 screws). I routed the cords through the holes for extra points.

Isn't it annoying having to plug in your phone sometimes? Not when you have power outlets built into your desk! I put the tower and the bass speaker in 'backwards' so I could connect / disconnect accessories easily without having to go behind the shelves.
Deadpool painting hung for extra points.
This turned out way better than I hoped. To the right you can see my record player ( on the ground you can see the audio cord in case I want to wire the tv or computer through. My record player has four speakers hooked up around the room so I can plug in the tv and have surround sound (using an audio extension cord I had)

With the cords above (An adaptor, an extension, and a splitter) I have managed to hook up my computer or my tv through the aux port of my record player, for a total of  7 speakers! (one bass and 6 others) they are placed around my living room for an awesome surround sound experience. Thanks Radio Shack! (plug in the extension to your tv, attach the splitter and hook up your computer speakers, then use the adaptor to hook up to the stereo)

Plenty of room (below) for the scanner to open / close. One speaker got bungee corded to the outside of the shelves to make room (the cord was short so not too many choices on where to put it. It's to the right in the pic below.

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