Monday, May 1, 2017

Ear Infection Homeopathic Remedy

So when I moved to Texas 12 years ago the first thing that happened was I got sick. It started off like the flu for a week and then when I thought I was getting better I got a really painful ear infection that came on all of a sudden. I went to an Urgent Care clinic and got on antibiotics. The prescription lasted a week then I went back and had to take another (different, stronger?) antibiotic for another few days. It sucked.

So anyways I can't really even remember who recommended this but I found this ear oil that works really good. Usually when I get the flu or a cold it starts off as aches and pains but eventually turns into a cough and then my head/ears fills up with fluid and gets stuffy. If I start using the ear oil before my cold/flu tries to become a sinus/ear infection, I never get the ear infection.

I haven't had to take antibiotics in 12 years since that time, so I highly recommend this product. I also like to take hot baths, drink honey lemon green tea, and eat a lot of garlic. This ear oil is made by Herb Pharm. It is called Mullein Garlic ear oil but it also has St. John's wort and calendula. It is olive oil based. You can warm it slightly before use.

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