Saturday, May 6, 2017


Population boom and tech boom have exploded, but evolution takes a long time. There's no way evolution is keeping up. Stephen Hawking says we have 100 years to colonize another planet or perish, I'm inclined to agree.

Some people are skeptical of being able to colonize mars, and argue that we should just save Earth. It's made for us, we're already here, etc.. and those are good points.

But that's assuming we can control population growth and become sustainable, which is a dubious proposition knowing human nature, how short-sighted and tribal we are.

Colonizing Mars might not be the thing that saves us. It's how colonizing mars will change the way we think and act. As soon as we start sending people to mars, two things happen.

1. We start thinking and acting as a species, instead of as an Oregonian, an American, a Mexican.. we start thinking and acting as HUMANS. This is the mindset we need to take on climate change here at home. Mars could save us in this way.

2. On a ship, on Mars, in a really inhospitable environment, sustainability is a requirement that cannot be ignored. We simply will have to be sustainable. Recycle and reuse every resource or perish. Control population growth or perish. THE SAME THINGS WE NEED TO DO ON EARTH but in a much more tangible, immediate way.

think about it.

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