Sunday, June 25, 2017

DIY upcycled messenger bag

Used darning needles and nylon thread to upcycle an old leather jacket into an awesome messenger bag.

The leather jacket was pretty useless because it had a huge hole/tear in one elbow and one pocket had a bad zipper. Still, most of it was in good shape so I decided to tear it all down and sew  it into a bag.

I got the seat belt from a pick-n-pull scrap yard, probably spent about 10 dollars on that. The darning needles and nylon thread cost maybe 5 bucks.

I cut an old pillowcase up to make pockets, sewing them into the inside of the bag so you can access those without unzipping the whole bag, which is cool to quickly stow your iphone or whatever. 

This took a ton of work maybe like 8 hours total, it was basically done without any kind of template, just eyeballing and guess work, I was very happy with how it turned out. I put a flap on top to cover the zipper and make the bag water resistant. The flap even snaps down.

Also I sewed rings into the bag for the strap to hook onto so the strap could be swapped out for whatever strap you want. Could hold a few textbooks pretty easily, a decent size for a kind of all purpose bag.

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