Monday, October 30, 2017

Forehead License Plates

'distracted walking?' Ya, some people are probably so dumb they're a liability just walking down the street, but we should probably just feel sorry for them, not punish them.

I think it's funny that you can get the same ticket for running a stop sign on a bike as you can on a car.

The argument is that you could cause an accident I guess?

So some people argue that bikes should require insurance and license plates for this reason, and also to pay for all those great perks like bike lanes.

But a pedestrian could cause an accident too. So should they also be licensed and insured? And made to pay for sidewalks? No that would be dumb. People should be encouraged to walk and bike and discouraged from driving.

Bike lanes are crap anyways, they're mostly gutter. If you have a choice between blocking a bike lane and a car lane, people ALWAYS choose to block the bike lane. They fill them with leaves, park in them, stick their recycling and trash bins in them.

Even when the bike lane is clear, the amount of room left for the bike, after leaving the lawful 3-6 feet passing distance between you and the motorist, is negligible. Then, if you need to turn, you have to go play in traffic. Most bike 'infrastructure' isn't any kind of structure at all, just paint on the road and wishful thinking.

I think if people got out and actually rode their bikes once in a while, they would realize that. But when you're driving everywhere, you only see bikes as a tax-dodging nuisance. NO, cars are clearly the nuisance. The cyclist isn't belching pollution into the air at every turn.

I could rant about this all day. One analogy is that you see a forest where elephants have trampled everything and shit everywhere, polluting the water and felling every tree (cars) Then you see a butterfly land on the piece of elephant dung and take a crap on top of the piece of elephant dung.. and you say "Damn why doesn't that butterfly pay more taxes!?" The cyclist is the butterfly. That's the kind of proportion we're talking about pollution-wise, environmental impact-wise, and damage to our streets that cars do in proportion to bikes.

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