Tuesday, October 17, 2017

How many different kinds of rain are there?

  In the Pacific Northwest we get all kinds of rain. It's not like when I lived in North Texas and I would get the clockwork afternoon thundershower, then it would just clear up. Like the other day started with a light mist, then it turned into a drizzle, followed by showers. Sometimes you can walk around in rain and not even get wet, maybe that's why many Pac Northwesters don't carry umbrellas. But when you get soaked in minutes, I call that a 'wet rain'.

  I heard once that the Eskimo had fifty different words for snow, and I figured if they have that many different kinds of snow then we should be able to come up with that many different types of rain.

  For this purpose I will accept not just singular words, but types of rain or expressions used to say it's raining. Alphabetized and numbered for posterity. Thank you to my facebook friends for helping.

1. Autumn Rain
2. Cold Rain
3. Cold November Rain (Gun's 'N Roses)
4. Deluge
5. Downpour
6. Drizzle
7. Dumping
8. Fall Rain
9. Flash Flooding
10. Flooding
11. Freezing Rain
12. Getting Biblical (ala Noah's Ark)
13. Gullywasher
14. Hailstorm
15. Hosing
16. Light Spray
17. Liquid Sunshine
18. Mist
19. Monsoon
20. Muggy Fog
21. Pissing
22. Pouring Rain
23. Pouring Buckets
24. Precipitating
25. Rain
26. Raindrops
27. Rainfall
28. Rainstorm
29. Raining Buckets
30. Raining Cats and Dogs
31. Raining Sideways
32. Rainbow Weather
33. Really Coming Down
34. Showers
35. Sleet
36. Soaker
37. Spill or Spilling Rain
38. Spitting Rain
39. Splash
40. Spring Rain 
41. Sprinkling
42. Storm
43. Sudden Dew
44. Summer Rain
45. Swash
46. Taking a Bath
47. Tears from Heaven
48. Thunderstorm
49. Thundershowers
50. Torrential Downpour
51. Trickle
52. Trinkle
53. Tsunami
54. Warm Rain
55. Wet Rain
56. Winter Rain

Honorable Mentions:
1. It's Raining Men (song by Paul Schafer)
2. Rains of Castamere (Game of Thrones)
3. Purple Rain (Prince)
4. Red Rain (Peter Gabriel)
5. Black Rain (nuclear fallout? I hope to never see that)

I think that's pretty worthy for pretty much not using google, dictionary or anything else! 

Eskimo words for snow article;

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