Friday, January 26, 2018

State of the Union 2018

Trump has tested the very fabric of american democracy

but he may have finally pushed it to it's limit.

It seems no senator besides Ted Cruz is willing to throw the Dreamers out. Trump will probably cave and allow them a path to citizenship.

He ACTUALLY apologized, or offered to apologize to Piers Morgan for some retweeting of some hateful Britain First twitter accounts, which have been suspended.

Once he starts apologizing for one thing, that's a slippery slope. Will he now have to apologize for all of his hateful comments? 

His speech seems to be slower, more methodical (Davos speech), and sometimes slurred. Have his aides told him not to speak off the cuff and wave his hands around so much? I don't know but he sounds weak, like something is seriously wrong.

I am thankful he hasn't nuked anyone.

Keeping your anti-trump game tight. Write down all of the things about trump that offend you, then cross off most of them. Give me your top five. Hating on everything he does dilutes your message. I will focus on constitutional violations because supposedly some of Trump's supporters care about the constitution. (or at least the second amendment)

1. Attacking the press (see fake news),  and ridiculing the disabled. 

Specifically attacks the freedom of the press FIRST AMENDMENT!!!

2. Attacking veterans like John McCain and a gold star family

3. Travel Ban on muslims (he asked Giuliani how to legally implement  a ban on muslims, was told he couldn't do that, it violated the constitution FREEDOM OF RELIGION! , so trump focused on muslim countries) FIRST AMENDMENT!!

4. Declaring 'there is blame on both sides' when a protester was murdered in Charlottesville, as if there is some equivalency to yelling at or hitting someones car and committing murder. (Not even sure if the woman murdered even did any yelling or hitting cars) 

This is an attack on our freedom of assembly, and speech, which allow us the freedom to protest our government. FIRST AMENDMENT!!

5. Systematically taking advantage of people in his business practices, from encouraging vulnerable people to spend their life savings on a crap degree from trump university, to just being a good old fashion slum lord.

these next points I will put in a middle category. They are perhaps shocking, illegal, and offensive, but if they can't be proven or easily argued they may have to go on the back burner.

1. Having multiple wives and divorces and possible affairs.. Don't care. doesn't necessarily make him unfit to be president. If there's proof he did something impeachable, let's see it. otherwise I don't care.

2. Filing bankruptcies. Don't care, He is just exploiting the system like anyone else would do.

3. 'Locker room talk' , profanity. Don't care, again, if it doesn't disqualify him specifically who cares? It may be offensive but it's not the thing I'm most offended by.

4. Sexual Assault accusations. I take these seriously but I'm not sure if they can be proven 

We may have to go after Trump for something that can be proven in black and white, like TAX EVASION, we need a smoking gun. There has to be some kind of irrefutable proof to take him down.

NOW I will list a few things that fell to the bottom of the list. Some of these may even be fake news. When you try to attack Trump for these things you harm your own argument, because you are actually playing into his hand. You are validating his argument that everyone is out to get him, and using fake news to do it.

Criticizing trump for these things really dilutes your message. During the 2016 campaign, a lot of shots were fired at trump. One of the ones that set me off was the quote from people magazine

1. It was a meme with a 'quote from people magazine' MEMES like this have bothered me a while. ANYONE CAN PUT ANYTHING INTO A MEME WITH YOUR PICTURE, it doesn't mean it's an actual quote. If he really said this in an interview with people magazine, why is there no actual picture of the magazine article? There has to be some hoarder out there that saves all of his people magazines that can verify this meme. Snopes says it's fake.

2. Criticizing Melania for posing nude? Really? Do I really even need to link this? I don't agree with going after a model for modeling, or attacking Trump's family unless it's something truly illegal they did.

3. Attacking Ivanka for using sweatshops. This is akin to Donald filing bankruptcies. She is just playing the game like everyone else. If the rules changed for everyone, she would follow them. Until then she is just trying to compete with other companies and they all use sweatshops.

Attacking Trump's family for stuff like this is not a good look. If the democrats are to somehow attain or retain some kind of moral high ground, they have to be better than this.

That's my State of the Union 2018. What's yours? What's your top 5? did I miss anything?

Edit: I forgot about Trump's attack on our free and fair elections, complaining that millions of people voted illegally, even though there is no evidence of that and HE WON. I won't bother to link to his complaints, I think you can google it. Although this might not be specifically outlined in the US constitution, it does seem to be an attack on the basic idea of democracy. I think I should have put this in the top 5 

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