Tuesday, February 13, 2018

2018 We comin for the whole syndicate

2018 has a little different feel. 2017 really felt like a defeat for democracy, anyone voting democrat, and anyone criticizing trump. Even silly things like sports seemed to be cursed, with Trump's number one celebrity supporter Tom Brady making the most epic super bowl comeback of all time.

But 2018 feels like the pendulum could be swinging the other way.

The metoo and timesup movement could be coming for you big orange.

Alabama said 'fuck trump' on their way out the locker room, then they won the national college football championship.

Tom Brady finally got a little payback, hopefully we've seen the last of that dude.

Another trump staffer is on the way out... Rob Porter, and maybe Kelly is next.

As a kind of joe average american white male, I'll admit. I'm a bit confused.

I support the metoo and timesup movement, but on the other hand I'm totally baffled.

I mean, half y'all ladies are totally outraged about all these sex assault allegations..

and the other half y'all voted for the P-grabber in chief Donald J..?

WTF am I supposed to think?

I feel like I'm back in middle school and there's a girl fight breaking out on the playground.

Everyone knows a dude is not supposed to jump in and settle a girl fight!

I'm waiting on the sidelines to see who wins, then proceed with caution.

I'm probably breaking the bro-code even blogging about this, and I could regret it tomorrow. But I'm being real right now.

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