Monday, February 19, 2018

Gun Reform Now? Has the time finally come?

Some people say and meme that gun control or reform died after the Sandy Hook shooting.

The argument being; if little kids can get shot and we do nothing then we will never do anything.

Here's why this time could be different.

The Parkland Florida shooting happened to kids, yes, but theses kids are old enough to speak out for gun control, they are not little kids that have no voice.

They are almost old enough to vote, and they are going to march on Washington and make a big stink about the NRA donations that the Republicans have been taking for years. (decades?)

I support them, it's great to see the youth speaking out and marching. I would love to go march on washington but I'm too busy working my bullshit job to pay bills. 

I think these kids could actually get something done. It's 2018, the political climate has changed a lot since Obama left office. There are a lot of issues all converging together that just might create a super-movement.

It's probably time to start limiting or banning assault rifles.

Pretty sure you have to ban the guns.. going after people's mental health is trickier.

There are privacy laws that protect your medical and psychiatric records, and many of these shooters are first time offenders, they have no criminal record or mental health history that would necessarily disqualify them from getting the gun.

The second amendment argument for arming yourself with machine guns kind of falls flat for me.

Is that well-trained militia really going to take on the U.S. Army? Even if you have AR-15s, they've got you outgunned by a longshot.

The only real hope of taking on the U.S. government is if our own troops are ordered to start firing on civilians, they will refuse to do so.

WE DO already have gun control, We aren't allowed to have tanks and rocket-launchers right? All I'm saying is it's probably a good idea to ban machine guns too. A hunting rifle, double barrel shotgun, or revolver pistol should be enough artillery for any citizen. It's a REASONABLE amount of firepower to have.

I still think you should keep your guns locked up, and it's also a good idea to use regular bullets, not anything that's specifically designed to explode on impact and shred somebody's guts.

While we're at it, why not ban lead bullets too? Shooting lead into the woods and into animals that will then be eaten by other animals and poison them seems like a terrible idea. Lead is not a good thing to have in the wild, in our water, or in our bodies. Yes, bullets will cost a little bit more, but so what.

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