Monday, March 12, 2018

The Trump (or Hillary) trigger explained. Cortex vs amygdala

I'm pretty sure most human interactions and arguments can be explained by neuroscience. We are all animals, primates but with a larger pre-frontal lobe or cortex.. problem is, when we are triggered we stop using this rational part of our brain and use the amygdala instead, which is the 'fight or flight' primal portion of the brain. Not sure if we can use both at the same time. This explains every fight you've ever had when the other person just won't listen, and also the 'trump trigger' or 'hillary trigger' where we can't have a civil political discourse, only attack each other.. When we feel like we are being attacked we go tribal. The main difference I see is that Trump likes to trigger us by what he says and does, whereas the liberal side actually have already triggered the right by simply being WHO WE ARE. Just being Mexican, black, gay, transgender, woman in the workplace, immigrant, etc... threatens their way of life and they feel attacked. 

The problem with allowing Trump to trigger us is that to counter him we need an intelligent response, (organize and methodically destroy him) reacting to him in a primal way (calling him names etc..) actually feeds into his narrative and,,, imo, is not a winning strategy for the left. I think there was a study where they hooked people up to read their brainwaves and questioned them and actually proved some of this but (actually came from a parenting class i took) but I'm not finding a good link for it. You can just google amygdala and cortex and find some interesting stuff. The class was called collaborative problem solving and they mentioned a book called 'the explosive child' (they said it wasn't very well named, because you could use the parenting techniques for any child) The teacher also mentioned that in a state of arousal (triggered?) the IQ can drop around 30 points. 

Trump is actually making us stupider. Who'd have thunk it?

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