Thursday, April 26, 2018

maybe the coolest ride ever?

so 20 years ago I rode the Seattle to Portland bike ride 200 miles in one day.

would be kind of fun to try and do it again.

but I'm not really feeling the road riding. or doing something that i've already done.

off-road, different rides are intriguing me. I don't want to look at cars or be hit by one on a recreational ride.

like. Ride the corvallis to coast. dip your toe in the water. Then ride back in one day.

Ride the Mckenzie Pass from Belknap Springs to Sisters. Have a Sandwich. Ride back.

This one trip got put up on drunk cyclist a couple years ago and it sticks in my head. Bend to Oakridge?

I grew up in Portland, but maybe did some of my most epic rides in Bend. Century Drive I ran out of water and drank from the creek, never got sick. I didn't ride as much as some but I rode around a bit. Tumalo Falls seems to ring a bell.

But I'd never really heard of Oakridge.

but it's just a ride that's really intriguing because it's almost like trying to do something no-ones ever done. It's just seeing a couple of points on a map and trying to connect the dots.

It's like maybe taking riding to some weird art form.

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